Headphone test online

In this tool you can:

  • check if the headphones work at all (there is sound),
  • conduct a left-right earphone test (determine the location of the speakers),
  • evaluate the quality of the headphones as a whole,
  • listen to the sound of different frequencies (frequency generator, musical notes).

The functionality of the service is gradually expanding.

Left-right test

The very first test is to check the location of the speakers: the headphones may be put on incorrectly or the speaker wires may be connected in reverse.

This can be critical when it is important to hear from which side the sound is coming from a source in stereo format (analysis audio, computer games, films).

Bass, vocals, quality

Having bought new headphones, I want to evaluate how well they play different music genres, bass richness, do they reproduce vocals well, concert music, how well do they balanced across the entire frequency range, and so on.

The best option is to simply listen to recordings in which certain qualities predominate. We tried to make a good one a selection of tracks for this.

Frequency range

Using generator you can explicitly set the sound frequency that will be played in headphones to evaluate how well do they work in the selected range, are there any problems (clogging, wheezing, other distortions) at a certain level of gain (volume). Frequencies are tied to musical notes.

Headphones don't work

If for any reason your headphones are not working, we have prepared some material at the specified link, which may help in solving the problem.

If you have ideas to improve the service, write to us and we will try to prioritize and implement them. We are also very interested in how you personally use it.