How to test headphones online

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This article contains detailed instructions for testing sound in headphones online.

Preparing for testing

Follow this link to open the corresponding service on site.

After that, you will see main tools that you can use when testing.

Main page

Sound check

To start testing, click on the Play button, which we marked in the screenshot below.

Play button

Warning. Music plays during testing. Make sure headphone volume is not set to maximum. If volume is high, this may scare you or those around you.

The service offers to conduct "left and right test". To do this, you will need to press appropriate buttons, according to the channel you want to check. We marked these buttons in the screenshot below.

Headphones channels

Sound balance

One of the function of service is change sound balance in headphones. To use this setting, change position of slider that we marked in the screenshot.

Sound balance bar

By default, slider position is centered. This function is useful when sound in headphones are shifted to one side.

Playing different types of music

To test how your headphones behave when playing different types of music (bass, classical, etc.), you can select the desired song from the menu on top of the tool.

Change melody bar

There are several songs to choose from.

Frequencies generator

As an additional tool for sound testing, we have added a frequency generator. To use it, click on corresponding button, which is marked in the screenshot.

Frequencies generator

Before using frequency generator, make sure that volume in headphones are not set to a high level.

Press Play button to start testing.

Play button in frequencies generator

To set frequency, you need to use a special bar, which we illustrated in the screenshot below.

Change frequency bar

Here you can set frequency using regulator or manually by entering appropriate value in a special field.

Default frequency is 440Hz (the frequency of the note La of the first octave). Minimum value is 1Hz, maximum is 20KHz.

If necessary, you can switch playback from one channel to another. To do this, use corresponding buttons while frequency generator is running.

Left-right channels test

You can change type of sound wave.

Wave change bar

Can choose:

  1. Sine wave
  2. Square wave
  3. Triangle wave
  4. Sawtooth wave

First option is set by default.

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