How to test webcam online

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Detailed instructions for testing webcam using online service on Contains a complete description of functionality and tools available to user.

Preparing for testing

Follow this link to open corresponding service on

To start the test, click on the big blue Test webcam button.

Test webcam button

After that, you will need to allow access to microphone and webcam so that you can use the service.

Providing with devices access

If access is granted, testing can begin.

In some cases, you will need to change webcam privacy settings.

Image from camera

You should see image from webcam on the page.

Image from camera

If this happens, then device is working correctly and can be used.

Recording video

You can use an additional tool that will allow you to record a video and play it back.

To do this, click the Start recording button, which we have illustrated in the screenshot below.

Start recording button

After starting the process, next to Stop recording button, you will see a timer showing duration of current video.

Stop recording button and timer

When the process will be stopped, playback will start automatically.

While watching a video, you can use functions of repeat current recording, pause video and expand to full screen.

The service does not save video recordings. Any media will be deleted as soon as the browser tab is closed.

Additional tools

The service offers additional features that can be useful in various situations.

To use them, refer to top bar we have shown in the screenshot below.

Additional tools

Rotate video function will allow you to flip image from camera horizontally.

Adjusting grid can be useful for centering your position in camera. Here you will be able to change color of grid and its size.

Adjusting grid

Video effects allow you to customize image from camera, using additional color filters and more.

Video effects

In Information tab you can find out some general information about your video recording device.

Devices selection

If you have several devices of a certain type connected at the same time, you can choose non-default in the settings.

Device selection

Lists may contain some additional Default and Communications items that are referring to real devices assigning them some kind of roles.

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