Microphone guides

Here, we provide solutions to common microphone problems and analyze issues such as headphone selection, headphone types, and so on.
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Types of microphones
Let's look at what types of microphones there are. This can help you in choosing of a suitable device.
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How to test microphone in Windows
You can check the functionality of the microphone locally without an Internet connection. Let's look at some of the available methods.
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Installing and setting-up the microphone
If you have got an issue with installation or configuration of the microphone, read this article.
3 mins to read
Why is microphone not working
This article provides possible causes of a microphone fault that can be encountered, as well as recommendations for their elimination.
2 mins to read
Microphone directivity
Microphone directivity matters because it controls how a microphone picks up sound, influencing recording quality by focusing on desired sources and minimizing unwanted noise.
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How to choose a microphone
If you have got an issue with choosing of a microphone and you don't know what to pay attention to, start by reading this article.
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How to test microphone online
Detailed instructions for testing the microphone using an online service. Contains a full description of the interaction with all the proposed tools.s