How to test microphone online

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Detailed instructions for testing the microphone using an online service. Contains a full description of the interaction with all the proposed tools.s

Preparing for testing

Follow this link to open the corresponding service of

To start the test, click on the big blue Check microphone button, as shown in the screenshot below.

Beginning microphone test

Next, you need to provide access to a device, this is required by the browser.

Granting access to the microphone

After that, you can start testing.

In some cases, you will need to change microphone privacy settings.

Sound visualization

You will see a graphical representation of the sound.

Sound visualization

Try to speak into a microphone, and if the image is changing, the device is working correctly.


You can turn on an additional function while testing a microphone, that will play sound from a recording device. To do this, increase the value of the playback volume control. Default value is zero and nothing will be heard.

Playback volume control

Pay attention: do not set the maximum value for this control immediately. Make sure your speakers are not too loud. Set a comfortable volume for you, starting from the minimum values.

Record and playback

The service offers for you the opportunity of recording and listening to your voice. To do this, click the Start recording button.

Start Recording button

Recording will start automatically and the timer will tell its duration. To play, click on the Listen button. — the recording process will be stopped.

Pay attention: the service does not store or transmit your recordings. Any media will be deleted as soon as the browser tab is closed.

Device selection

If you have multiple microphones connected, you can switch between them right on the testing page in the Settings section. In the Microphone list select the one you need.

Device selection menu

The service automatically uses devices that is selected in your operating system as default ones. There could be listed some logical Default and Communications microphones and speakers that actually refer to real devices, but represent some roles for them.

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